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CRM strategy and optimisation

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For practical client relationship management

Over the last 12 months I have noticed that my clients have struggled to differentiate themselves and some have even avoided having genuine conversations with clients.

Many professionals are told that they need to sell in a formulaic manner. Sadly, this often results in many good professionals being ‘unnatural’ with clients and privately regarding business development as a pain.

Despite many years of trying, many firms struggle to help their partners to be universally ‘client centric.’ I know how hard it is for many highly trained professionals to change habits and desire to serve a client. I know how difficult it is to move from a transactional mindset about matters and deals to a relationship driven, client focused way of doing things.

But incremental change can happen when it is focused and practical.

What I do is to help professionals acknowledge where they are in terms of their BD skills and start with a few simple habits and credible objectives. I work with them via short one to one meetings and workshops. And I also help firms harness the investments they may have already made; whether that be to get professionals to appreciate what marketing really is; become insight and issue driven with their clients; embrace a CRM system that nobody fully uses; actively support a client listening programme or buy in to a firmwide key client initiative.

I help partners see what a few new habits can do for them and ultimately the firm. I work with professionals like a personal trainer

Your personal trainer for business growth

Let’s make our investment work’

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Testimonial Section


I had the pleasure of working with Dan for many years at Linklaters. I find Dan easy to deal with. He is genuine, honest and transparent. He is a thinker who considers fully what he says before speaking and times his input carefully in order to identify ‘crossroads’ in thinking so as to build a collective vision of what you are working together to create. He is an empathetic and patient listener who shares his knowledge and expertise in such a way that they are easily understandable to the layman, so the principles behind Dan’s thinking on a subject are subsequently easily understood by and communicated to others. During his time at Linklaters Dan made a material impact on the firm. His imagination, drive and strong network building skills enabled him to launch complex international projects requiring the co-ordination and collaboration of staff from various departments across the globe. Dan’s strategic mind-set, strong network and personable leadership style enabled him to deliver these projects smoothly and efficiently. Stuart Fisk - Client Revenue Controller at Linklaters LLP
I had the privilege of interviewing Dan as my role as MC in front of 150 leaders in the professional services industry at the InterAction Share 2016 conference. Dan's insight and expertise were one of the highlights of the event. Dan has an uncanny ability to combine his technical experience with a practical approach to achieving tangible results. He sees problems from multiple angles, and he is able to combine the process, technology and the people elements together to make a difference. The last element, people, is the hard one that many consultants find the hardest to manage. However, Dan's experience in change management and dealing with ingrained organizational culture issues allows him to leverage people as a resource instead of an obstacle. It was a pleasure having a conversation with him, and it speaks well to Dan that he can influence hundreds of very smart, accomplished people while we were talkingDarryl Cross - Vice President, High Performance Business Development Coach, Trainer and Speaker
Dan is a great people manager and influencer, being able to deal with C-level execs at will.Manuel Lozano - Strategy and Business Transformation Consultant

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